Why Do I Need a Pet Sitter?

Kobe playing with his favorite pet sitter.

Kobe playing with his favorite pet sitter.

So, you’re going away. What’s Doggie or Kitty Cat going to be doing while you’re gone?

A professional pet sitter will come to be with your sweet little furry, or feathered, family members while you are away.

For Kitty you may only need daytime visits. That is, if Kitty will happily entertain herself for hours while alone. Many cats are happy doing just that.

Doggie, on the other hand, would probably be much happier with several visits through the day plus overnight company. A pet sitter will give personalized one on one attention to Doggie or Kitty while visiting in your home with them.


  • Pets will not be fraternizing with others and possibly contracting an illness.
  • Pets will be in his/her own calm and peaceful environment.
  • You don’t have to pack up all his/her paraphernalia and cart it to the kennel.
  • No extra trip after arriving home from a trip to retrieve your little sweeties.


  • None… 🙂